Limitations of Chat GPT: Top 5 Issues or Limitations

Limitations of Chat GPT: If you are an internet user, then you must have heard the name Chat GPT somewhere, millions of people are using it, if you do not know about it then let me tell you that chat GPT is a content-generating (Text generating transformer).

There is a tool recently launched by the open AI company, and shortly after its launch, it has a separate hype on the internet. Although this tool is not ready yet, work is still going on, and at present, you can use it for free.

It is as useful as it is popular, meaning you can do many things by using it such as:

  1. You can make scripts for youtube
  2. Can take content ideas
  3. Can take help with programming
  4. You can find coding for any tool or application
  5. Can write emails

There are many other things that you can do with the help of chat GPT

But it is said that everything has a limit, similarly chat GPT also has some technical limitations and issues, which we will tell you through this article, so read this article completely.

Limitations of Chat GPT: There are 5 Issues or limitations in chat GPT

Every System & Software carries some Limitations when you see the Chat GPT Window Also they display Limitations but now we discuss some hidden limitations of Chat GPT that you must want to know before using it.

Limitations of Chat GPT

Let’s Discuss some strong points that you must have to know before using the Chat GPT

1. No Internet Access

Chat GPT currently cannot access the internet, if you need real-time information or location-based information then chat GPT cannot help you with this.

For example – if you open chat GPT and search what is my current location then chat GPT will tell you ‘i am sorry I can’t access your current location

Apart from this, we can collect information by searching URLs directly on google, if you search any URL in chat GPT, then chat GPT will not be able to give you its response.

2. No Common Sense Reasoning(Less of Humor)

Chat GPT itself tells you that it is just a text-generating tool that can reply to your prompts, because chat GPT does not have any emotion or sense of humor, nor does chat GPT capture your emotions and situations.

Not able to understand because chat GPT can respond to the same prompts on which data use has been programmed. Also, Chat GPT cannot use your eye gaze to determine your mood, and it is unable to reassure you or appease you based on how you are feeling.

Another limitation of the language model is that they do not have the ability to understand or interpret the meaning of words and phrases in the same way that humans do.


Data is available on chat GPT only till September 2021, after that chat GPT cannot provide you with any information or data.

For example, if you search on chat GPT what is the stock price of X company now, then chat GPT will give you It will tell itself that this information is not in its data, so the open AI company is currently working on it so that it can be made up to date.

4. Unable to provide Media form content

As chat GPT tells you that it is just a language-based text-generating tool, so you will not get any media like images, videos, or audio files Output on this tool, nor can you search anything regarding media content.

According to open AI, it is still in testing mode, so it is possible that media content will also be available on chat GPT in the future.

5. Text Limitations

Despite chat GPT being a text-generating tool, you can generate only limited text on it, for example, if you want to write a complete novel, then you will get to see text limits on chat GPT.

Similarly, you cannot take the complete content of any book or web series, you must have also seen that when you search for something on chat GPT, it gives you paragraph form information, so at present, it is not capable enough to generate any novel or long-format content for you.

6. Hang Problems

Sometimes you have to wait for more for your response or face some network issues and sometimes chat GPT fails to respond to you.

You must have faced another problem many times that you are not able to access chat GPT because chat GPT is in beta version so it cannot control too much traffic load. Still trying to fix it by OPEN AI Company.

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As you read in this article that chat GPT is useful as well as it has some limitations, I have been using chat GPT for a few weeks and as its use is increasing, this tool is also improving.

Overall, Chat-GPT and other language models are powerful tools for generating text and can be very useful for a variety of tasks, but they do have limitations and should not be relied upon for critical or important decisions.

For those who may disagree with the issues I identified, here is Chat-GPT to speak for itself and provide support for my claims:

“Chat-GPT is a variant of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model developed by OpenAI.

Like other language models, Chat-GPT is designed to generate human-like text based on the input it receives.

It is trained on a large dataset of text and can generate a wide range of responses to various prompts and questions.

What is the Application Of Chat GPT?

How about if I tell you that there is such a tool in the market that will give you everything in one click, that is, if you have school homework or any office work, you have to make a blog article, then you will write the contact of the entire article.

If you have to email an employee, then you will get the complete format of the email, you are looking for grammar mistakes, your mistakes will improve, if you want to do coding, then this application will give you the complete format of your code in a pinch, in any way in the project found in school or office.

You will get the code of JPT in one click and will do everything because it has come in the market.

  • Application Downloads: 50T+
  • Application Review: 1.28T
  • Application Size: Approx 10 MB

What’s New in the Latest Version 13

  • Last updated on Jan 14, 2023
  • ChatGPT 3 – an AI Chatbot for GPT 3
  • Code Optimisation
  • Faster App Launch
  • Fixed a Bug

Hello friends, my name is Prince Raj, today we are going to talk about the Chat GPT application in this blog post, it is an open AI tool and its full form is Generator Pre Trend Transformer friends, this tool was launched on 30 November 2022.

Within just 5 days, 1000000 people registered on this application because this tool is so amazing, when you will also see the school, now I will tell you further in this blog, and you will be shocked.

This application runs according to the existing data of the last 10-15 years, whatever method you ask, it gives the exact answer or chats GPT application, this application has been kept showing all the things, whatever kind of command you will give immediately.

It starts working, first, this airtel will understand your asked question, and after that, it will give the exact answer to your question word by word.

This application is currently running free all over the world, Microsoft has given funding to this project, so till now there is no talk of paying any kind of charge because this application is running in beta version, maybe it will come next.

In the coming days, its three versions will also be launched or it may be that using Google Microsoft people will integrate it somewhere in their Google Assistant and other software.

How to use chat GPT?

First of all, you have to open your browser, then search in it, and chat GPT, now as soon as you write chatGPT, you will first open an above and you will see a URL, click on it and proceed there as soon as you are on its home page.

When you come on the screen, you will see the option Try Chat GPT in front, you have to click on it and proceed.

After you click, two options will open in front of you, if you are already using this AI tool, then you will enter your email and password by clicking on their option, otherwise, if you are a completely new user, then you can sign up. By clicking on the option, we will proceed by filling in some basic information.

If you click on the option of sign up, then you are asked for an email id, whatever email id you are using at the moment, by filling in that email id and clicking on the option of I am not a robot, a simple Captcha is given, select it correctly and click on the option of Continue

After that, a new interface will appear in front of you, in which you will be asked for the password, whatever password you want to create, proceed further by entering the password, and after filling it, click on the option of Continue again.

Now you have to come to your email account which you provided at the time of account creation, where you do not have to come and click on the option of verifying the email address.

As soon as you click on the verified email address, your verification will be successful in front of you, that you will have to fill in your name, fill it and click on the option of continue, after that your mobile number will be asked, and after that, it will be verified, an OTP will be sent to your phone. After that, your chat will be ready as a GPT account.

Now the chart section of Chat GPT will be on in front of you, tell that right now this tool is doing an absolutely free trial, what is the purpose of this application in the coming days, till now no concrete information has been revealed about this application. Any kind of money is not being taken by it, it is free for all users.

Chat GPT Capabilities

If you see the capability of Chat GPT, then whatever things you are doing here, it will remember your old chats as well and will reply to the incoming chats accordingly, you can also take follow-up corrections with it.

Chat GPT Limitation

The limitation of Chat GPT is also not such that Chat GPT is 100% correct, it also has some drawbacks, this application can also tell something wrong because the data given in this application is only till 2021, if you ask a current trending question, then maybe it could not give your answer


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Will give, you do not have to do much work if you write the product description, then if you are asked to collect the information about this product correctly, then through this application, your job is going to be very easy. You can see this application as a business opportunity.

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