Chat GPT: What is Chat GPT | Pros & Cons of Chat GPT 2023

There are Lots of questions coming to your mind about Chat GPT and this AI-powered Tool. Such Questions as : What Is Chat GPT? How Does It Work? What To Create Chat GPT Account? Is Chat GPT Free? Is It Safe To Use? After Reading this blog your mindset will be clear on Chat GPT. Also, you can learn the History, Uses, Pros & Cons of Chat GPT.

The chat GPT conversations are like humans when you use this too, you may be Surprised, Really it creates text like humans, and it provides relevant and high-quality Answers but Still, it has some limitations What are they you can learn below.

The Chat GPT is an AI-Powered Content generation tool, By using powerful AI technology, this generates a human-like response and solves many types of Queries of Users. Chat GPT is based on GPT (Generative Pre-Training Transformer) Language model, Open AI launched this tool a few days ago, and this tool is gaining popularity in a very short time. The tool uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the background, also you can use this tool for many purposes such as Email writing, Easy Writing, For Information Purposes. The Most Surprising Factors the Launch of Chat GPT.3. Millions of People started Using it within Day but you have to gain proper information to use it properly. So, now the first Step is you have to Create your Chat GPT Account and the Process is mentioned in the below paragraph.

How to Create Chat GPT Account?

To create your Chat GPT Account first go to then choose the Signup option, then Add your email & Create a password then verify your email then add your name & verify your phone number and start using Chat GPT.

These are the complete steps you have to follow to create your Chat GPT account, when you have created your account now you have to use the Chat GPT. if you have any confusion about how to use Chat GPT in the proper way then below you see the proper method to use Chat GPT.

If You have any Doubts on Account Creation Process then you can Visit the below link to Learn in details How you can Create your Chat GPT Account.

How to Use Chat GPT in Smarter Way?

After creating your account now you are to use ChatGPT but this is an AI Tool if you ask questions in the wrong manner 100% will get the wrong answer from ChatGPT. if you want to the right answer then you have to give the right & proper Input Data to Get the right Answer.  

After Creating an Account when you go to Chat GPT you can see the interface shown in the below image, First, you have to understand the Option and ways to use it.

How to use Chat GPT

As you can See in the Top left New Chat Option is available where you can ask a new question to the Chat GPT. then write the question in the bottom box. 

Also, you can see some examples given in the Chat GPT window of how you can ask to Chat GPT just have to follow the pattern, Here asked A question like how to create a calculator PHP tool. and Chat GPT quickly Answers some steps with some Code as you can see in the below image

Now there you can see there is an option Edit your Question but if you edit the Question answer will remain the same, Also you can clear your past conversations by clicking on the Clear Conversations Button as you can see in the above image.

Dark Mode: you use this option to make Dark color the ChatGPT Window some people like Dark Themes this option is use full for Them.

After The Dark Mode options you can get OpenAI Discord Handle if you want to get more updates about future AI Projects from Open AI. then You Can Follow then in Discord.

Pro Plan [Beta]: currently you are using the free version of the Open AI Chat GPT Tool but there is a paid Pro Version that you can try also, But you have to Pay for Pro Plan. As you can see in the Below image.

How to use Chat GPT

As you can Chat GPT Launch the Paid option, but you still use it for free after that Now you can get the update notification option of the Chat GPT.

Logout: Lastly you found the Option Logout Simple after using Chat GPT if you want to Logout from it then hit the Logout button but if you don’t click on Log out button after some time the session will be expired then again you have to log in to use it again.

Here we Discuss the process of how to use Chat GPT but there are Lots of Limitations, Advantages & Disadvantages of Chat GPT that you have to know before using it & It’s highly recommended for everyone who wants to use it.

Limitations of Chat GPT

All Systems & Software Carry some Limitations as well the Chat GPT has many limitations that must have to know before using it, and now we are going to discuss them shortly.

Also, you can see in the Chat GPT Windows they added some limitations of Chat GPT as shown in the below image but we discuss some more important Points on the Limitation of Chat GPT.

Limitations of Chat GPT

These are the major Limitations of Chat GPT but in Some Conditions varies more if you want learn more about the limitations then recommended to read our detailed post on Chat GPT Limitations

here is the common limitation of Chat GPT which are Hang Problem & Old Data honestly if you search for any current event then its far better to depend on Google instead of Chat GPT. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Chat GPT

All programs have some Advantages & Disadvantages Like this Chat GPT also has some Advantages & Disadvantages and now if we use Chat GPT then it’s our first priority to know all details of what we are going to use and what effect we going to face after using it.

So, now we are going to Discuss the Advantages & Disadvantages of Chat GPT also, it is very important to all Chat GPT Users. So, kindly share this information.

Advantages of Chat GPT: know Before Use Chat GPT

Now we are discussing some major advantages of Chat GPT that you must have to know before using it, let’s start with the points.

Human Touch: ChatGPT provides a human touch to the content to some extent. If you are using this Tool for content Ideas or some kind of Email writing and Template creation so for that purpose it is the best Tool because, in this type of work, there is no such type of plagiarism issue. This is a great Advantage of Chat GPT and its completely done for free. now time for the next benefits.

Versatility:  When you use the Chat GPT you can see Chat GPT know many different languages, this proves its Versatility when you ask it to write Javascript it gives the code. Also, it can Give HTML, CSS, PHP, the all types of Code & Content that help more to a normal user to learn something & to make something.

Also, there are many hidden benefits of Chat GPT  but now time to discuss the disadvantages of Chat GPT trust me don’t use it before knowing the Disadvantages of it.


Disadvantages of Chat GPT: Must know Before Using Chat GPT

Disadvantages of Chat GPT: Must know Before Using Chat GPT it’s recommended you skip the advantages part but you must have  to focus on Disadvantages part so, let’s start…

Lack of Commonsense: ChatGPT is trained on a large dataset of text, but as we discussed before, 80% of work can be properly done by this tool but here comes the 20% where it is lacking. It can only understand the world in the same way that humans do to some extent.

Lack of Expressiveness: ChatGPT can generate text that is coherent and fluent, but it is not capable of truly creative thinking. The text it generates is based on patterns and structures it has learned from the training data, rather than on any kind of original ideas or insights. So it can’t be creative as you are.

Also, Chat GPT has some Ethical issues but it is impossible to discuss here & Surprisingly we already created a dedicated post on the Advantages & Disadvantages of Chat GPT just click on the Below link to know all the hidden facts on Chat GPT.

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Some Unknown Facts Of Chat GPT

Chat GPT is very popular now, but it still has many hidden facts you deserve to know as a Chat GPT Use so, let’s Explore…

You will get the code of JPT in one click and will do everything because it has come in the market.

  • Application Downloads: 50T+
  • Application Review: 1.28T
  • Application Size: Approx 10 MB

What’s New in the Latest Version 13

  • Last updated on Jan 14, 2023
  • ChatGPT 3 – an AI Chatbot for GPT 3
  • Code Optimisation
  • Faster App Launch
  • Fixed a Bug

These are some important information on Chat GPT now we are going to answer some FAQs that are repeatedly asked on the internet.

Is Chat GPT Safe to Use?

At The current time millions of people using Chat GPT they don’t have any issue with Chat GPT. So, we can Consider Chat GPT is Safe to use now.

Who Owns Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is Own by OpenAI Company.

Who is the founder of ChatGPT?

OpenAI is the company founded by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, and Ilya Sutskever developed the chat GPT (as a co-founder of OpenAI).

Is Chat GPT Free?

Yes, Now the ChatGPT is free, but in Chat GPT Window you can see a Pro Plan option which Premium will be started Soon.

Why is ChatGPT not working?

When we send more requests to a server at the same time, it starts hanging, because Chat GPT has been newly launched, due to which hype has been created about it. Most of the time it doesn’t work, but you can try it again after some time.

Is there a ChatGPT app?

There is no official ChatGPT app, but there are third-party apps that you can use, the GPT-3 API to provide a chatbot experience.

What is a GPT-3 chatbot?

GPT-3 chatbot is a chatbot that uses the GPT-3 language model to understand and provide text like Human voice, and now the improved version is ChatGPT.

How to use ChatGPT?

To Use ChatGPT you need to create an account on this after that once your account is verified, you can ask questions to the chatbots, which will provide you the relevant answer in a proper way.

Is ChatGPT available as an app?

Yes, some App available on the app store using GPT 3 API, you can use this type of app for asking something.

Can I chat With GPT 3?

Yes, You can Chat with GPT 3.

Is Chat GPT Google Killer?

No, Chat GPT is not a google killer, because google provides multiple services to their customer, not only text. In the future, the Chat GPT will more advanced, but it can’t able to access the current data (News, Events).


Here we discuss all the details of Chat GPT if you have any doubts then you can contact us via the contact us page, Let’s talk on summary here we discuss what is Chat GPT, How To Create an Account on Chat GPT, How To Use Chat GPT with Chat GPT Limitations,  Advantages & Disadvantages we explore all about chat GPT. Again we add the process of Chat GPT Account Creation.

To create your Chat GPT Account first go to then choose the Signup option, then Add your email & Create a password then verify your email then add your name & verify your phone number and start using Chat GPT.

Now we think you don’t have any doubts about Chat GPT But Check All Related Content of Chat GPT to Learn & Earn more by using Chat GPT.